599285_446952698729071_812890724_nPROJECT LINUS

This is a guild wide effort.  There are (2) Linus meetings every month.  Each guild meeting members can bring in finished quilts, fabric, batting, quilt tops, kitted quilts, thread and backing fabric.  See Linda Duggan at a guild meeting.  To find out more about Project Linus go to there web site at

balls of yarn






YARN FOR ERNIE Ernie makes blankets out of yarn for Project Linus.  Members donate yarn.  It is better if the yarn is not wool so it is washable.  Small balls are fine as they make nice stripes.  See Ruth Simons at a guild meeting.





kennel cat 2KENNEL COMFORTERS Donate any unwanted batting to Audrey Noonan and she will deliver it to Kennel Comforters.  To learn more about Kennel Comforters go to


1272808_513067262117614_2127945596_o  FALL AUCTION

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